Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for Brain injuries in children

Time : February 23,2022

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Children are at high risk of accidental injury due to their imperfect growth and lack of cognition of risk factors. The accidental injuries mainly include fall injury, traffic injury, falling injury, burn and scalding, food or drug poisoning, foreign body in airway and esophagus, bite and drowning. Brain trauma is a very serious one among accidental injuries. Craniocerebral injury can be divided into three types: mild, moderate and severe, and some severe craniocerebral injury can even endanger life.

Even if craniocerebral trauma in children is improved by treatment, a considerable number of children may have sequelae, including disability, post-traumatic memory, intellectual impairment, and even post-traumatic personality and behavior changes. Therefore, subsequent neurological rehabilitation is very important, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy for nerve injury repair. A number of clinical studies have proved that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can reduce some complications after brain injury and avoid serious sequelae.

Children appear what symptom can consider to use hyperbaric oxygen cabin treatment

After severe traumatic brain injuries, the children appear some nerve damage symptoms such as a delirious, physical activity, comes to feel barriers, or even after active treatment, still have repeatedly dizzines and a headache, abnormal behavior, damage symptoms such as memory, intelligence, can go to the hyperbaric oxygen outpatient service to assess whether can do hyperbaric oxygen therapy, thereby reducing the occurrence of cerebral trauma sequela.

Researchers have tracked children’s brain injury after 10 years of 4 – organic mental disorders (including damage behavior change and intelligence), data show that the children after traumatic brain injury, brain injury caused by the incidence of mental disorders was 20.0%, especially the severe brain trauma of children, up to 54.55% after trauma mental disorders, If these children are treated with hyperbaric oxygen early intervention, it may be very helpful to reduce these long-term complications.

Benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy

The brain is the most sensitive organ to hypoxia. Brain injury leads to cerebrovascular damage, blood flow disorders, hypoxia of brain cells, and cerebral edema, which affects people’s neurological function.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can effectively improve the hypoxia of brain tissue. It can make the blood in the blood oxygen partial pressure increase more than 10 times, obviously improve the oxygen partial pressure of brain cells, at the same time expand the dispersion radius of oxygen, promote new blood vessel formation, reduce brain edema, thus can promote nerve repair, improve the hypoxia state of brain tissue. At the same time, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can improve the regeneration ability of nerve fibers and promote the recovery of patients with craniocerebral injury.

Best Time for taking Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy

After TBI, hyperbaric oxygen therapy specialists can be evaluated for contraindications. If there are no contraindications, the earlier the therapy intervention, the better. In general, the optimal treatment time is within three months of onset, which is the best time for nerve repair.

More than 3 months later if there are complications after TBI, such as physical activities mentioned above adverse symptoms of nerve damage, or dizziness, headache, abnormal behavior, memory, intelligence damage, even sleep disorder after trauma, etc., these patients usually can be treated by hyperbaric oxygen chamber benefit, so as to improve their quality of life.

Differences with or without hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy after traumatic brain injury

Studies show that nearly 20% of children with traumatic brain injury will have sequelae, especially those with severe traumatic brain injury. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can reduce these sequelae by 30% to 60%.

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