How to Maintain The Hard Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber?

Time : March 08,2024

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MACY-PAN will provide an overview of how to maintain a hard hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Maintaining a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is essential to ensure its proper functionality and safety for users. This includes regular cleaning, equipment checks, and following manufacturer guidelines for maintenance procedures. By properly maintaining the chamber, you can extend its lifespan and keep it in optimal condition for years to come.

● Check the door seal strip before each use to ensure it is not shifted outward. Press to reset if necessary.

● Inspect all valves monthly for loose fittings and air leaks. Tighten as needed.

● If not in use for 30 consecutive days, run the machine for at least 30 minutes.

Usage environment:

Dry, ventilated, and comfortable indoor use. (Not recommended for use in damp environments such as basements)


● Please wipe all parts of the cabin (except for the cabin door) and machine surface with a clean and soft damp towel dipped in a small amount of neutral cleaning agent while cutting off the power.

● When cleaning the cabin door, gently wipe with a clean and soft towel dipped in a small amount of water, and then dry with a dry towel.

● Suggest 1-2 times a month.

Air conditioning:

● Distilled or purified water needs to be added to the cold water air conditioning storage tank.

● It is recommended to change the water every 30 days. If the water quality is turbid, it can be changed in advance.

● If not used for a long time, please drain the water in the water tank and keep it dry and clean.

● It is recommended to check the water collector every week and empty it, and increase the drainage frequency in summer.


● Air intake filter: It is recommended to clean it every year (or 1000 hours of use) and replace it after 2000 hours of use. If environmental pollution is significant, it is recommended to increase the frequency of cleaning and replacement.

● Activated carbon filter cotton: It is recommended to replace it every year (or 1000 hours of use).

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