Does HBOT Help With Sport Fatigue?

Time : April 26,2024

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What is sports fatigue?

1.  Sports fatigue refers to a comprehensive reaction in which the physiological processes of the body cannot maintain their function at a specific level after work or exercise, or various organs cannot maintain the predetermined exercise intensity, resulting in physiological and biochemical changes within the body.

2. Sports fatigue is a symbol of a temporary decrease in the body’s workability and a physiological phenomenon that can be restored after rest. If fatigue is not restored and the amount of exercise increases, fatigue accumulation becomes chronic fatigue. The worsening of chronic fatigue leads to excessive fatigue, which is a pathological phenomenon.

3. There is a contradiction between oxygen demand and oxygen intake during exercise, and hypoxia and oxygen debt are essential physiological processes in sports and the main factors of exercise-induced fatigue.

 How to quickly eliminate the adverse effects caused by sports and help athletes recover from fatigue has become a key issue in sports medicine. HBOT, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, as an effective physical rehabilitation treatment method, has gradually attracted people’s attention for its effect on eliminating exercise-induced fatigue.

Does HBOT Help With Sport Fatigue

UFC Champion TJ Dillashaw Uses MACY-PAN Hard Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber To Alleviate Exercise Training Fatigue.


The mechanism of hyperbaric oxygen therapy(HBOT) in alleviating exercise fatigue:

1. High-pressure hyperbaric oxygen therapy can quickly eliminate accumulated lactic acid: a large amount of fatiguing substance, lactic acid, accumulates in the body after exercise. Under hyperbaric oxygen, due to its ability to increase blood oxygen content and blood oxygen partial pressure, when blood flows through various tissues, the effective diffusion distance of oxygen increases, allowing more cells and mitochondria to receive sufficient oxygen supply. This oxidizes lactate to pyruvate, enters the tricarboxylic acid cycle, and continues to oxidize to produce CO2, H O, and energy (ATP); In addition, hyperbaric oxygen can also promote the new transformation of lactic acid into glycogen in liver cells and increase the excretion of lactic acid in the kidneys and skin.

2. Accelerate the clearance of blood ammonia: The content of the fatigue-inducing substance “ammonia” in the body can also increase after exercise. The increase in blood ammonia is related to energy deficiency caused by hypoxia. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, can increase blood oxygen content and blood oxygen partial pressure, increase oxygen diffusion, activate succinate dehydrogenase and cytochrome oxidase, increase the body’s aerobic oxidation ability, produce a large amount of ATP, supply the energy needed for blood ammonia to synthesize urea in the ornithine cycle, and supply the energy needed for blood ammonia to synthesize glutamine, thereby accelerating the clearance rate of blood ammonia. In addition, under hyperbaric oxygen, the liver can use lactic acid as an energy substance to increase the body’s utilization of fatty acids, compensate for the energy deficiency caused by the decrease in glycogen storage, and provide energy for the liver to quickly clear blood ammonia.

3. Reduce the damage of free radicals to the body: When exercise intensity is too high, the amount of free radicals in the body increases. This can lead to lipid peroxidation reactions in cell membranes such as skeletal muscles and myocardium during exercise, resulting in the generation of lipid peroxides, with malondialdehyde being the most representative toxic. After using hyperbaric oxygen for fatigue elimination treatment, the content of malondialdehyde decreases, and the activity of Na * – K * – ATPase on the cell membrane can be quickly restored. This indicates that hyperbaric oxygen can reduce the damage of free radicals to the cell membrane, protect the integrity of the body’s cell structure after exercise, and thus maintain the normal function of cells. This is of great significance for eliminating sports fatigue and reducing sports injuries.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, HBOT as a physical therapy method, has attracted the attention of many athletes. As a professional manufacturer of hyperbaric oxygen chambers, MACY-PAN’s professional sports hyperbaric oxygen chambers are exported to various parts of the world, and many famous athletes and sports stars have become our benchmark customers, such as Serbian judo athletes Nemanja Majdov, American UFC fighting champions TJ Dillashaw, and Chinese women’s boxing champions Zhang Weili.

Looking forward to your experience, choosing MACY-PAN hyperbaric oxygen chamber, through hyperbaric oxygen treatment, eliminating exercise fatigue, and gaining more joy and glory in sports.

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