MACY-PAN HP600 Animal Hyperbaric Chamber
MACY-PAN HP600 Animal Hyperbaric Chamber
MACY-PAN HP600 Animal Hyperbaric Chamber

MACY-PAN HP600 Animal Hyperbaric Chamber

Product Description :

● New technology for veterinary clinic
● Increased pressure oxygen equipment for animals.
● The air pressure in the cabin is 1.4 atmospheres and the oxygen concentration is about 50-75%.

Product Description :

According to Henry’s law of physics: In a container of a certain
temperature, the partial pressure of the gas is proportional to the
solubility of the gas in the liquid. In the cabin, more oxygen will
dissolve in the blood and tissues, and the contracted and dilated
blood vessels will reduce the swelling of the tissue. At the same
time, the increased local oxygen partial pressure of the wound can
inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria and aerobic bacteria, and
enhance the anti-infection of the wound site of the animal and the
ability to remove the lesion.

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Function :

Gastric dilation and volvulus and the associated injuries

Fracture repair, especially open fractures or those involving malunion or nonunion

Gastrointestinal resection and anastamosis, especially post-foreigh body obstruction

Amputations and skin grafts

Hemilaminectomy and ear canal ablation


Advantage Selling Point :

  • Safe automatic pressure relief valve design, mechanical pressure gauge
    and digital displayer dual monitoring ensure safety.
  • The whole cabin body is transparent and designed to avoid panic and
    discomfort in the cabin, and it is also convenient for doctor observation.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving, the power per hour is 1200W
  • The device is small in size and space saving, covering an area of about 1
    square meter.
  • Physical adsorption oxygen generator, no need for additional oxygen
    cylinders, safer to use.

Product Parameters :

Internal dimension: L90*W60*H60cm Pressure setting: 1.4ATA Product material: Aluminum  + high strength
acrylic + Polycarbonate
Product weight: 65KG
External dimension: L115*W75.6*H147.5cm Oxygen concentration: 50%-75% Plate material: Stainless steel Plate size: L89*W34*H1cm

Product details

Chamber Cabin

Digital Display Board

Animal Plate

Door Lock

Pressure Valve and Pressure Gauge

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