World Athletes is using mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Time : March 02,2021

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Faster Recovery From Surgeries with HBOT:

-Accelerates & Enhances Healing

-Reduces Inflammation for Optimal Pre- Surgical Conditions

-Reduces Risk of Infection

-Stimulated the Creation of New Stem Cells

-Decreases Hospital Time

The wolrd judo champion Majdov is using Macy-Pan hyperbaric oxygen chamber now!

NBA superstar Lebron James is taking hyperbaric oxygen therapy right now ( via. Youtube )

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NBA superstar Kevin Love brought a mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber into his trainning room ( via. Youtube )

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Tennis grand slam winner Novak Djokovic announces his support for HBOT ( via. Facebook, ID: Hyperbaric Chamber )

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Enhance Performance with HBOT:

-Improves Concentration

-Increases Serotonin Levels

-Accelerates Jet Lag Recovery

-Decreases Lactic Acid

If the atmospheric pressure of oxygen is high, oxygen will not only readily bind with hemoglobin in red blood cells, the content of dissolved oxygen will be increased, transport across capillary walls will efficient, free movement into the smallest areas of the circulatory systems will become easier and cellular activity will also be increased.

In hyperbaric oxygen therapy, purified oxygen is inhaled under high atmospheric conditions, increasing oxygen concentration within the body and alleviating the effects of oxygen deficiency.

How do HBOT helps athletes recovery from injuries:

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy allows a massive increase in the amount of oxygen carried in a tissue, which under normal conditions leads to increased density of capillaries (the so-called process of angioneogenesis). A dense network of capillaries allows a supercharged oxygenation of the locomotor system, resulting in performance and increased endurance.