HBOT Help Childeren with Autism and Cerebral palsy

Time : January 08,2020

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While the controversy continues over the causes of the autism epidemic, one thing is unequivocally true:

Autism is a biological disease.

Ample evidence from multiple scientific papers shows brain abnormalities(seen on MRI), genetic predispositions,

a variety of biological risk factors, hormonal abnormalities, and other organic or biological components to, or associations with, this disease.

It is clearly not a psychiatric  disease, as many insurance companies classify it, thus limiting the payout for treatm

HBOT can be used as a “genetic” drug for a wide range of neurological disorders. In reviewing the first 22 autistic children

Dr. Paul G. Harch have treated, he documented many different risk factors that could account for their autism.

For some it was an inutero event occurring at some point during pregnancy, for other it was an insult at birth or during the neonatal

or early development period, and in many it was a combination of insults at different times that resulted in the picture of autism.


If we could combine HBOT with the various therapies available, it’s likely the success rate would be much higher.

For example, if a child has mercury poisoning that stunts neural tissue growth and even causes regression,

then it makes sense that a combination or sequence of chelation therapy(a treatment designed to remove harmful substances from the body),

plus HBOT would be effective. In other words, we would first remove the neurotoxin or possibly help speed its removal with chelation thearpy,

and then add HBOT for its effect on blood flow, metabolism, and tissue growth.

Following chelation therapy and HBOT, we would use enrichment therapies, like cognitive stimulation or occupational/ speech therapy,

in order to stimulate new neural connections. So once again, HBOT is not an either/or therapy. Rather, it is a foundation therapy which

we combine with other enrichment therapies to recover the greatest brain function and maximize human potential.( Via Oxygen Revolutation, Dr. Paul G. Harch )