1.8ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

1.8ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Product Description :

● Slide door entry for ease of use.
● 1.8 ATA (7 psi) operating pressure.
● Easy installation and operation.
● The Control system combines compressor, oxygen concentrator, and cooling unit.
● Delivers 95% oxygen under pressure via face mask

Product Description :

  • Specially opened from the side with a sliding bed to facilitate the use of patients who have difficulty in moving around.
  • The chamber has a maximum pressure of 1.8 ATA and is made of stainless steel which is safe and reliable. Interphone system for two-way communication.
  • Automatic air pressure control system.
  • Automatic digital display technology to show data like pressure, purity, humidity and temperature
    Model M750A
    Chamber Cabin Pressure 1.8ATA/12psi
    Weight 200Kg
    Size Length=220cm(88inch)
    Diameter: 75cm(30inch)
    Communication and Alarm System YES

    All-in-one Machine

    (Air compressor, Oxygen concentrator, A/C)

    Air Flow 80L/Minute
    Oxygen Flow 10L/Minute
    Weight 150kg
    Size 1500(L)*800(W)*750mm
    Power 1300W

Function :

Fatigue relief, sleeping quality enhancement, energy level increase,

fast recovery, resolve alcohol concentration, boost cellular metabolism, sports injury inflammation,

children’s autims, celebral palsy, diabetic wounds, lyme disease, anti-aging, beauty seeker

This hyperbaric oxygen chamber system is designed for commercial users or home users who want a more advanced system that allows for higher pressurization to do HBOT treatment and that also provides a simplified single user operation. Just power it up, get inside, and hit the button to start the therapeutic sessions. Everybody will love this HBOT system.

Advantage Selling Point :


More gradual pressurization of this hard type hyperbaric oxygen chamber; allowing for staff assessment and discomfort checks.

2. Emergency Alarm control for patient to alert staff.
3. Emergency Pressure Relief Valve; reduces pressure in the case of an emergency. Allows for depressurization of the chamber in less than 45 seconds if absolutely necessary.
4. Operates in conjunction with the triggering of the alarm.
5. Intercom phone system is available for hard type hyperbaric oxygen chamber; for ease of communication with patient.
6. Easy Entry and Exit via our unique sliding door.
7. Interior controls all for single user operation of all features without supervised assistance.
8. Our hard type hyperbaric oxygen chambers can be equipped with Air Conditioning, preparing for customers using in hot areas.

Product Parameters :

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