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HP2202 Hard Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

▶Slide type entry door.
▶Interphone system for two-way communications.
▶Automatic air pressure control system.
▶Wide and convenient transparent viewing window.
▶Delivers 93% oxygen under pressure through a headset/facial mask.
▶Easy installation and operation.

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ST801 Portable Soft Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

▶Two zipper seal for easier entrance.
▶Seven large transparent windows to prevent claustrophobia.
▶Cotton chamber protection cover.
▶Easy operation - No assistance required.
▶Oxygen headset/facial mask - Delivers 93% oxygen.
▶Internal metal frame - Hold the shape when deflated.

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ST1700 Soft Sitting Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

▶Add a folding chair---Adjustable hight
▶Emergency valve for rapid depressurization.
▶Easy operation - One person can operate it without assistance.
▶An oxygen mask delivers 93% oxygen.
▶The internal metal frame maintains shape when deflated.
▶Best portable HBOT machine supplier in China.

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HP600 Animal Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

▶Safe automatic pressure relief valve design,
mechanical pressure gauge and digital.
▶Displayer dual monitoring ensure safety.
▶The chamber is compact and space-efficient, taking up only 1 square meter.
▶The transparent cabin body is designed to prevent panic and discomfort, while also allowing for easy observation by doctors.
▶Oxygen generator with physical adsorption, no need for extra cylinders, safer to use.

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ST801 Soft Hyperbaric Chamber
MACY-PAN 1700 Portable Hyperbaric Chamber
HP600 Animal Hyperbaric Chamber
MACY-PAN Hard HBOT Machine
MACY-PAN 801 Portable Hyperbaric Chamber
ST1700 Portable HBOT Chamber
MACY-PAN Animal Hyperbaric Chamber

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World Athletes is using mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber

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HBOT with Anti-Aging

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases telomere length and decreases immunosenescence in isolated blood cells: a prospective trial. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Anti-Aging
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HBOT Help Childeren with Autism and Cerebral palsy

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